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Position Yourself as the Go-To Expert and Attract the High-End Clients & Opportunities You Desire





  • Are you losing potential clients to less talented companies?


  • Are you frustrated with having to sell yourself over and over?


  • Are you struggling to sell your services at a price you deserve?


  • Are you confused on how to position and lead with your greatest assets? 


  • Are you lacking confidence in the direction of your brand and how capitalize on it?


  • Are you missing out on prime opportunities because you don't have the tools you need? 




Say goodbye to duct-taped together messaging and out-dated imagery that creates confusion for your audience.

Say hello to a confident, clear, and consistent brand message that attracts the clients, opportunities, and growth you desire. 


You already have the knowledge and experience, but you don't know how to position it to scale your business to its full potential.

Magnify your greatest assets and bring your authority to the spotlight for your highest level of success.


Breakthrough the noise and rise above your competition with powerful tools that position you as the GO-TO expert. 

Stand out and confidently go after your ideal clients, stages, PR opportunities, and dreams.



To become the's all about one thing...POSITIONING.


But you can't seem to get your branding right? 


It's ok!


ALL experts... have an expert do it for them. 





  • A full assessment of your existing brand - what's working and what's not
  • Deep development of the 4 pillars of your brand
  • Clear, Concise, and Consistent Copy & Messaging
  • Gold mining for your greatest assets
  • Your Brand Blueprint that keeps all of your branding, messaging, and assets in one organized place
  • License Free Branded Photoshoot w/Celebrity Hair, Makeup, & Wardrobe Consultation
  • License Free Expert Video Reel - Location, Script, Coaching, Hair, Makeup, & Wardrobe Consultation
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  • Amazon #1 Best Selling Book Done For You in 30 days
  • Best Seller citations that grant the right to display “Amazon Best Selling Author”
  • Interview on Thriving Entrepreneur; pushed to over 8 million people
  • Premium press release to over 200 media outlets and will be displayed on ABC, CBS, NBC, & FOX allowing you to use their logo
  • BONUS: Social Media Marketing starter pack includes: Social Media Formula and Prompts, Best Selling Author seal, memes, social media Best Selling Author square, book quotes.
  • Press Kit for Pitching
  • One Page Branded Website OR Funnel
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  • Best Deal
  • All-Inclusive Package Including Ready To Go Package and Authority Package
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After a Photographer & Videographer Quoted Me $60K to License Their Work...

We REBELLED and created License Free Photos and Videos for our Clients so that you can use them ANYWHERE. 

I Paid $25K for My Book and 2 Years Later it was Still Sitting on My Desk Unfinished...

The process was a nightmare.

So, we created a process that is professional, quick, and has a successful track record for a portion of the price.  



"I came from a small town in rural America, so I was the walking-talking definition of a country bumpkin.  I had the expertise but Jonanthan taught me how to dress, act, and embody the star I already had inside me. It gave me the confidence and tools I needed to have a successful book launch and tour."

Cheryl Holt

"I had never been truly SEEN for all of who I  am until Jonathan. He showed me my own abilities and greatness through his understanding, encouragement, patience, presence, attention to detail, and his ability to articulate all the things that he could see inside of me that I wasn't yet able to. I hired him to brand me and my new business model, which gave me the confidence to start my podcast, speak on huge stages, and grow my business massively."

Alicia Aberly, Author| Coach

"Impeccable work!"

Edgar Cruz, Chanel

"Jonathan has an ability to see people on such a deep level. After branding me and my company, I now have him teach at all my global mastermind retreats."

Kristin Baltar, Soul Tribe Camp


Tera Nelson

Tera is a messaging expert and business strategist who moved from Fortune 500 clients such as Adobe and Amazon to transform entrepreneurial brands from unseen to irresistible.

She leverages her background as an award-winning photographer and stylist as well as her gift of visual story telling to create powerful go to brands. 

Steven Kidd

Steven is a multi-International Best Selling Author. He created a system that has taken over 2000 people’s unknown expertise and turned them into #1 best sellers.

His method of getting you clear on your message and how to present it to the world not only sets you up as the expert, but it also creates unshakable confidence in how you show up in your business.

He knows first hand that a #1 best seller opens doors, creates opportunities, and ultimately generates wealth. The marketing power of a best seller will take you from best-kept secret to the go-to expert.

Jonathan George

As CEO of Unleash Your Rockstar, Jonathan has spent the past 20 yrs creating Rockstar personal brands for celebrities, entrepreneurs, and influencers with over 150 million followers online. 

He is known as “The Human Hitmaker” because of his ability to identify, extract, and cultivate people’s greatest untapped assets and brand it into #RockstarStatus.

He is a multi-award-winning creative director, video director, producer, and photographer appearing on FOX, MTV, USA, & HGTV as well as working with brands like Chanel, Arthur Murray Dance Studios, Universal Records, and Sony ATV. 

Imagine the confidence you will have when you finally own an EXPERT brand that speaks to the world and lands the results you want.

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